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Linguicity Training’s short courses are designed for managers, IT professionals and trainees, and any employees who need to get up to speed quickly on the capabilities and opportunities of Microsoft 365. Building confidence and enthusiasm for more productive working methods is crucial for the productivity of your business.  

Linguicity Training will work with you to co-design a suitable plan that aligns with your business objectives.  
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More than ‘Zoom on steroids’, Microsoft Teams is a hub for collaboration that brings new ways of working to your organisation. This course will give your employees confidence to use Teams features to their fullest, to communicate productively and comply with data protection requirements. 

Power Platform enables employees to create apps and automated processes without needing to be professional coders. This course will help you build a truly innovative culture in your organisation. Hands-on labs for low-code development, including drag-and-drop AI capabilities, such as object recognition and natural language processing.

The return on your investment in cloud migration has never looked stronger. Microsoft 365 provides a host of innovative SaaS applications at a price that suits organisations of all sizes. This course will equip your IT pros and trainees to manage centralised, policy-based tools that protect users, applications, devices, and data, as well as control licensing costs. 

With Microsoft Azure as your ‘data centre in the cloud’ even complex services can be up and running within hours, rather than weeks. This course will upskill your IT pros and trainees to provision IaaS and PaaS services securely. Your employees will relish the opportunity to explore new technologies and take on new responsibilities.