What can low-code automation do for us?

You may have heard a lot about low-code automation. More and more businesses are exploring the potential to create apps in-house to manage business processes. Lower costs are only part of the story. By digitising repetitive and time-consuming tasks, you free up your employees for more valuable activities that directly impact your profitability. 

Most importantly, low-code automation helps your whole organisation become more creative and flexible – without increasing demand on your professional developers. Greater efficiency builds resilience, enabling your business to be more ambitious in responding to new opportunities. 

How can I know if we will benefit?

  • Would you solve inefficiencies if only you knew where they were? 
  • Are you limited in your response to changing customer demands?
  • Are legacy processes preventing you from seizing new opportunities?
  • Are your staff frustrated by tasks that take up too much of their time?  
  • Do your critical operations rely on key individuals for their detailed knowledge of processes?   
  • Do you want better understanding of employee activities and costs?
If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions you may be sitting on significant potential to boost your business and engage and motivate your employees. People are always your most valuable resource – give them tools and skills to solve their own problems and you may see surprising results!  

Contact us to find out how Rokkit Automate can help with consultancy and training for low-code process automation.

What is Rokkit Automate? 

Rokkit Automate is a new training and consultancy offer from Linguicity to ensure your adoption of low-code automation is aligned with your business priorities. 

Fully tailored package includes: 

  1.  Training for your IT pros, ‘citizen makers’, and data analysts
  2. Governance consultancy to prioritise your process challenges  
  3. Process mapping and qualification
  4. Curated sets of template accelerators
As with all Linguicity’s training, we co-design the course content and schedule with you.  Whether your attendees are experienced data analysts or completely new to optimising processes, Rokkit Automate will provide the skills they need. You see a rapid return on your investment as employees are quickly able to contribute to improve productivity of their own teams.

Softools Logo

Rokkit Automate works with the SoftTools Enterprise Application Platform to develop DIY apps that integrate with your existing Microsoft 365 and Azure  environments.  

“Learn in hours. Build in minutes. Deploy instantly.”

The Softools platform provides powerful tools that are simple to use and take just a few hours to learn. Choose from 100s of off-the-shelf business apps, or build your own in minutes using the intuitive interface and time-saving templates.