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We provide Microsoft IT training that develops the skills of your workforce for successful migration and management of Microsoft 365 and Azure.

“Our IT teams participated in some very interactive training during the 3-day course and came out of it well-prepared in all aspects of 365 administration to support our end-users. Linguicity tailored various aspects to our own environment setup which made the training both meaningful and relevant.
I would definitely use Linguicity again for any future training needs.”

– IT Project Manager, international manufacturer, UK

MICROSOFT IT Training for
your business priorities

Cloud impacts everyone

Organisations adopt Microsoft 365 or Azure because they want to boost profitability and growth. Cloud services help them achieve increased productivity and collaboration, more resilient and secure infrastructure and, not least, more predictable IT costs.

But cloud migration is much more than a technology project. It brings far-reaching change that affects the daily experience of the entire workforce. All employees must be onboard so that the introduction of cloud can achieve the hoped-for objectives.

Microsoft IT training is a critical success factor. Services such as Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive challenge employees to adapt to unfamiliar interfaces and more collaborative ways of working. Structured training gives them a safe space to explore and to build confidence before the crunch comes and services go live. 

Your staff will appreciate training that is relevant to their daily activities and aligned with their career ambitions. M365 is an opportunity to take on new roles and responsibilities, such as managing Teams project groups, optimising M365 compliance tools, or providing technical support to colleagues as a ‘power-user’.  

For IT, managing Software-as-a-Service on public cloud is a significant departure from the traditional on-prem environment. Support staff need to stay ahead of end users’ requests and keep up with the rapid pace of feature releases. Second and third-line support need to manage users, devices and applications to meet security and compliance requirements. Furthermore, as most organisations will retain existing systems and domains within a hybrid infrastructure, technical staff need a good understanding of how on-prem and cloud technologies work together.

Off-the-shelf IT courses cover the principles of cloud solutions but have limited relevance to your organisation’s unique structure, processes and migration path.  Only a tailored approach to training can prepare your staff to hit the ground running and instil the enthusiasm to welcome change. 

Remote delivery to small groups

Linguicity Training uses Microsoft Teams as the delivery platform to ensure a collaborative approach with easy access to study materials and tools for self-assessment. Class sizes are typically 4-12 people.

Your company's IT training plan includes learner access to all the Microsoft 365 applications plus a fully-featured lab with E5 licences, global admin roles, managed devices and hybrid infrastructure. Attendees therefore have a safe and secure environment for hands-on exploration.


Online delivery is convenient for everyone, especially when accommodating shift patterns. On-site classes offer important additional benefits in the wide range of collaborative and informal exchange of knowledge and experience. Linguicity Training aims to retain these informal learning practices as much as possible by facilitating open discussion. We hope to be able to offer a mix of on-site and remote delivery in the future, as government health guidance allows.

Unique Challenges of moving to Microsoft 365 & Azure

Adoption of cloud solutions continues to increase  and Microsoft’s revenue growth from its cloud-related businesses has surged in recent months. The global pandemic has prompted companies to accelerate their plans for digital transformation, both to manage remote working  securely and to build more resilience into the business.   

Every company’s cloud migration is different. The biggest challenge for one organisation might be the data cleansing needed before porting a legacy email system to Exchange Online. Another might find that regulatory requirements, such as third-party encryption, precludes a simple ‘lift and shift’ to Azure. 

Linguicity’s co-design approach ensures that your priorities are reflected in the training we deliver. If your concern is IT skills for centralised and secure management of devices, data and applications, Intune will be the focus of delivery. If Human Resources want to understand how Microsoft 365 can automate GDPR compliance, then your training  will include accessible  and comprehensive instruction on Azure Information Protection, Data Loss Prevention and the Compliance Manager role. 

The shift to more collaborative working is common to many cloud migrations. Solutions such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online will be unfamiliar to some sections of your workforce. Linguicity’s focus on best practice and governance roles will ensure your employees feel positive about the opportunity to take on new responsibilities.