Right training for the right people at the right time. 

Cloud migration is much more than a technology project. It brings far-reaching change that affects the daily experience of your employees. Everyone must be onboard so that the introduction of cloud achieves your business objectives. 

Linguicity Training develops the skills of your workforce to manage Microsoft 365, Azure and Power Platform. Programmes are co-designed to ensure return on investment for your employee time. Each training plan includes agreed learning outcomes, tailored to existing job roles and expertise.

Consultative approach 

Training designed to achieve your objectives, never just off-the-shelf. You choose whether to focus on Microsoft certification or specific cloud skills. 


Hands-on labs 

Using the Admin Centers of Microsoft 365, Azure and Power Platform to configure resources for real-life scenarios.  

Hybrid cloud context 

Best practice approaches for successful integration of resources between Microsoft cloud platforms, other clouds, and your on-site data centre.

 "Our IT teams participated in some very interactive training during the 3-day course and came out of it well prepared in all aspects of 365 administration to support our end-users. Linguicity tailored various aspects to our own environment setup which made the training both meaningful and relevant. I would definitely use Linguicity again for any future training needs." 

– IT Project Manager, international manufacturer, UK

Highlighted courses 

Azure Course Brochure
Power Platform Course Brochure
Microsoft 365 Course Brochure

Microsoft Azure for Developers: Azure offers an almost limitless array of tools and services for application development. This course shows developers the options available for building secure and cost-optimised applications. 

Areas covered in this course include: Azure Infrastructure as Code, cost control, ARM, BICEP, DevOps, Azure App Service, database options, virtual machines and networks, storage options. Suitable for application developers new to Azure.

Power Platform for Citizen Developers: The revolution in low-code development is boosting profitability by empowering employees to solve their own process bottlenecks. Working with pro developers in fusion teams, process experts can quickly build production-grade apps that save time and money across the organisation. 

Areas covered in this course include: low code app and website development, business process automation, data analysis & visualization, virtual agent design, security roles, licensing. Suitable for all employees.

Interactive learning 

Bite-sized, customised walkthroughs of key tasks in the Admin Centers for Micorosft 365, Teams, Azure and Power Platform. 


 Unlock the capacity of your employees to solve their own process bottlenecks with Microsoft Power Platform. Linguicity's implementation brand Rokkit Automate designs low-code applications to your specification to eliminate time-sink processes. We can manage the ongoing development or hand over to your staff as they become familiar with Power Platform tools.

Choose from these service elements to address your business priorities: 

- Facilitated workshop to identity and map your automation priorities
- Facilitated workshop for establishing governance and security best practice
- Design and delivery of process-driven applications for desktop and mobile
- Bespoke training programme for your process experts